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Please excuse me for only blogging in english!

I have been working with mobile app development a whole lot. Mainly as a backend developer. At King I was part of the Candy Crush team, at MAG I was part of the Ruzzle team and at Like a Boss games I was part of the MatchMVP game. I have from time to time tried to develop mobile apps on my own.

I have opted out native app development since for me that was not an option. I have looked at various cross plaforms frameworks such as LibGDX, Unity and Xamarin. But I gave up on all those frameworks and decided that mobile app development was not for me.

Last summer when I was discussing mobile app development with a colleague at Nasdaq he asked me if I had looked at Flutter. What? I had at that time not even heard about flutter. I downloaded Flutter and gave it a try and I fell in love at first sight. What makes Flutter unique in my view are:

  • Platform independent
  • Hot reload
  • Dart which is a beautiful language
  • Flutter Widget's (everything is) are so smartly crafted
  • Flutter comes with really good command line tool and IDEA plugin
  • Modern reactive framework

And since that time (less then a year) Fluttar has evolved a lot.

So now I have no excuse not to develop an app on my own!

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