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Please excuse me for only blogging in english!

When I started my own business I wanted a website to describe who I am and what I have been doing so far.

Since I am not a html/css designer I decided to buy in to an existing vcard template.

And since I wanted it to be in both swedish and english plus making it possible in the future to add dynamic features I decided to use Spring MVC which comes with a really slick natural template engine called Thymeleaf. A natural template engine means one where you still may view the instrumented html in a broweser.

To host the site I choose Pivotal Web Services to which I just deploy the spring boot jar. Supersimple!

The trickiest part was that the vcard template used a nodejs module called typist. This one was buggy and the site went banana after some time. It turned out that I had to rewrite this javascript module since I got no support from the guy who wrote it or from where I bought the vcard template.

So to summarize this up this is the technologies used to develop, deploy and host this site:

  • Language - Java 8
  • Template Engine - Thymeleaf
  • Framework - Spring Boot
  • Hosting - Pivotal Web Service
  • Deploy - Cloud Foundry cli
  • Build tool - Gradle

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