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Please excuse me for only blogging in english!

Spring Framework and Spring Boot has become very popular and an important tool in many projects.

Since I started to use Pivotal Web Services for my website I have also become a great fan of Pivotal.

So I decided to bootstrap the spring itself in Barcelona by visitin Spring IO.


Lame intro by some 3d painter wearing 3d googles. Why?

Google who are the main sponsors gave a sales pitch about their Spring Cloud support.

Juergen Hoeller talked about jdk versioning and spring versioning. jdk8 has long time support, next is jdk11 which will be supported by spring 5.1 & boot 2.1.

Michael Plöd talked about "Implementing DDD with the Spring eco system" Not much new here. At least not to me.

Andreas Falck lead a workshop about securing applications with Spring Security 5.0. Good!

Madhura Bhave talked about "Whats new in Spring Boot 2.0" The support for the reactive model via Spring WebFlux was the biggest change in 5.0. Configuration has been fixed/enhanced.


Spring Boot 2.0 Web Applications by Stephanie Nicoll/Brian Clozell

Spring Boot 2.0 in JHipster by Sendil Kunar Really impressed by JHipster as a rapid startup project. Their support for entities and liquibase was also impressive. The question is how if it is not only a getting started tool.

Mastering Spring Boot Actuator by Andy Wilkonson. Cool and powerful and easy to use!

Spring Cloud Stream: Devloper tips and tricks by Oleg Zhurakoiuske.

Spring Boot 2.0 Web Applications by Stephanie Nicoll/Brian Clozell

For more info about go visit the Spring IO 2018 web page.

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