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Please excuse me for only blogging in english!

It has now gone a year and a half since I first learned about Flutter. When I heard about this conference I decided to go there and that was a great decision. It was an amazing event and so was Warzaw.

The wibe and the atmosphere was on top and it was great to be one of over 500 entusiastic Flutter developers. This conference gave a good indication of that Flutter is a shining star when it comes to choosing technology for your next application.

Big kudos to Dylan Beatti who performed at the thursday evening party and that gave a fantastic closing talk on friday. He started to program around 1985 at the age of seven and his love for the art of programming is very inspiring. Even for an old lad as me! You can watch a version of his speach here.

On our way back home at the Warzaw airport we noticed a lot of people wearing face masks and we thoght that they where being ridicioulus. That this little shitty virus would more or less shut down the entire planet we had no fear of at that time being.

So when things gets back to normal again I long to participate in the next event like this.

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