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Please excuse me for only blogging in english!

Visiting developer conferences now and then can be fun even if I think that it is seldom worth the money and time you spend to get there.

But to meet old colleagues and catch up with the latest trend lured me in to attending jfokus this year.

In overall to be honest the conference did not give much.

JDK 9 and the new modules system where the big buzz.

There was also a lot of focus on Kotlin. I have always been little reluctant to dive into these new better-then-java languages. Such as Scala, Groovy and now Kotlin.

I might be wrong but for now I wait also with Kotlin. :-)

The ending keynote AI and the future of computing, are we all cyborgs now? was well presented and raised some thoughts but I must admit that when writing this a month later not much of it has remained.

One of the best talk was buy a guy of that talked about what DevOps actually meant. Since the operational teams job is to have a working and bug free system and since the development teams job is to deliver new features there is a big clash.

Without a new thinking and bringing these groups together this big clash will always be there.

In the end every organisation will benefit from combining the effort of both these two groups. I.e. have a bug free system with high uptime and to deliver new features and bug fixes (when bug do occur) at highest possible rate to lowest possible cost.

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